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Flat as Flat

The specific desire to render an ideal flatness into a sensory and retinal phenomenon parallels a general desire to render an irreducible Outside as a "true" object of discourse.

In a different way, the all-pervasive desire to mould antithetical components into stable configurations parallels all Trials involving truths and/or errors.

On a deeper, more dynamic level, the eternal propensity of irreducible forces to self-interiorize parallels a condition or a limit that elucidates the self-acting, albeit self-defeating, operational necessitites of the ultimate and reversionary powers of the continuous.

"Receptualism" embarks on a hallucinatory and functional investigation of the above-inferred enigmatic, coeval and collapsed "sensory" dimensions where signs, the signs of "flatness" in this instance, signify only by not being there ("wantingicity").